Preventing Legionella in Hot Water Cylinder Auckland

Are you worried about legionella in hot water cylinder Auckland? Well, what do you mean by legionella in hot water cylinder Auckland? We will find answer to that query first. Legionella is bacteria which causes Legionnaires’ disease. It’s rare bacteria. But there have been incidents of outbreaks. Also there chances of bacteria getting multiplied in stored water. There are risk factors to be considered in the case of legionella in rheem hot water cylinder. If you wish to minimize the risk, then you need to consider the risk factors associated with hot water cylinder Auckland.


Water movement

  • If water remains still for a long duration then legionella breeding in rheem hot water cylinder is a possibility. Therefore you should get the correct size of rheem hot water cylinder.
  • Yes, you need to provide hot water on demand all the time and for that you need a large tank. But then again water getting stagnated is a real possibility there.
  • In order to reduce the risk of legionella, you may use a de-statification pump so that the water will keep moving all the time. And uniform temperature will be maintained across the water tank as well.

Water temperature

Water temperature is another important thing which we need to consider. You might assume that hot water alone is enough to kill legionella. But you are wrong there. It is not that simple. Legionella bacteria are really dangerous between a temperature of 20 degree and 45 degree. These bacteria are inactive below 20 degree. It does not get multiplied above 50 degree. Above 55 degree will surely kill the bacteria. When it comes to most hot water cylinders, they are designed to keep the temperature above 60 degree. But the problem lies with most cylinders is that they are inefficient in keeping the temperature at that. This might lead to the bacteria thriving inside the tank.

Cylinder’s efficiency

The efficiency of the cylinder is another important factor you need to consider when it comes to legionella. Temperature can be an important factor when it comes to movement of the water. Therefore, regular maintenance of the cylinder is extremely important. You should clear all the connections as well. This is to ensure that the water flow is not affected. Also, the required pressure and temperature will be maintained as well.

Materials used for the cylinder

The material used for the construction is an important factor too. It can have an influence on the bacterial growth inside the cylinder. Copper coils are extremely durable and efficient. Same cannot be said about plastic and stainless steel coils. After getting immersed in the water for 7 days, bacteria begins to form in the case of plastic and stainless steel coils. But in the case of copper coils, you did not have this problem at all. Copper has the natural ability to kill most of the bacteria. Tests have proven the same. So in order to avoid the bacteria from thriving inside the cylinder, you must make sure that you use copper. This is highly recommend for rheem hot water cylinder.