How Economy and Natural Resources are Related?

The availability of natural resources is inevitable for the development of economy since all the areas of economy need it for construction and production of products and services. The important fact is that the availability of these natural resources is in different proportion and qualities across the globe. The energy supply is secured and the export revenues are also increased by the increase in the natural resources in a country. In turn the production costs for all kind of businesses including the local and small business enterprises are also benefitted. It is also to be noted that there are many benefits for the households also.

The geologists are the group of scientists who locate, extract, process and protect the natural resources like metals which are very rare, base metals, industrial minerals, stones and other materials like clay, limestone which are very useful for the construction works. There are different kinds of extracting activities taking place in the different parts of the world. The mechanization required for the extracting process is high and large scale. The mining companies are the ones who do all kinds of these activities. It is also to be noted that the small scale mining can be done by the non professionals though the mechanization is low or nominal.

Thus the protection of natural resources is very important to facilitate the faster growth of economy since the level of corruption has spread widely. The sustainable development also has to be promoted in all levels of the economy so as to assure the safety of future generations. The non renewable resources are the most delicate ones which have to be properly utilized under supervision and regulation of the concerned governmental authorities. The factors like population rate, climatic conditions and change and the unequal distribution of resources have to be studied and researched.