Adult’s Moving out Culture from Own Home

We discuss about the tendency of adults leaving their home and stay out independently. We could not straight away say that it is a bad social culture of the era, we consider the negative and positive factors of this contemporary phenomena. The culture of the country we live have a great influence in this tendency of moving out from their own home. In western countries children move out from their homes for independent living when they reach a particular age. They are supposed to earn for their life and stand alone in that matured age and they are considered as a matured adult.

The status of the matured adult gives them to grow as confident and independent citizens of the country. In the eastern countries we see a different culture of family bondage and dependency, there the children are staying with their parents and would not leave until well settled to another place after their marriage. We must remember these situations we discussed are a general practice and there may be exemptions for this in these countries. The culture and values of the society we live is more important in making a decision about this factor.

Even if we move out for an independent life outside our own home, we must keep the bondage with our parents and siblings. We must remember the duties to our aged parents even when we stay outside. The culture of moving out and stay in one’s on foot is good for the individual development of the children, it facilitate them for doing the responsibilities by themselves whereas the other culture sometimes drag the children to inefficiency to move alone by the spoon-feeding of the parents. We could find that moving out from their parent’s home and stay independent will benefit the individual but the responsibilities to the siblings and aged parents should be carried out with a strong mental bondage with the family.